1.  In setting up the pieces, the reference is to the color of the square   
at the bottom left.  Why did you change the reference square frochess,
which is the lower right?

Answer:  The first rule of chess is "white is right" when setting down a
chessboard.  Please   use that rule.  The Quad Kingdom Chess rules
will be updated on the 2nd edition to include this.

2.  Is there a scheme for naming the squares and recording moves?

Answer:  Yes, with White's Kingdom on the bottom, then left to right
the columns are "a" through "l" and the rows bottom to top are "1"
through "12".  This information will be included in the rules of the 2nd
edition of QKC.

3.  According to the rules, the Rook Pawn can not capture an
opponents Rook Pawn on it's first move.  Can a moved Rook Pawn
capture a pawn or piece that is in an opponent's Kingdom?

Answer:  Yes.  A pawn or any other piece can capture within the
Kingdoms, just not over the indented corners (Towers).

4.  Does promotion still occur at the promotion line even within a

Answer:  Yes.  The promotion can still occur within someone else's

5.  Does a checkmated King only turn to stone when it is his Kingdom's
turn to move?

Answer:  If I am the White King and Maroon puts me in check, then I
stay in check until it is my turn.  If I can not move when it is my turn,
then I turn to stone only when it is my turn.

6.  What happens if White checkmates Emerald, but on the same turn
one of the other two Kingdoms makes a move that "uncheckmates"

Answer:  If someone "uncheckmates" someone, then that person is
"uncheckmated" and allowed to keep playing.

7.  Once a King is checkmated and turned to stone, can he be

Answer:  No.  A King can not be removed from the board once
checkmated, it is turned to stone.  Other pieces can be captured even if
the opponent is out of the game to possibly clear room for attack.


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