Standard rules of Chess apply for piece set-up, movement, and capture.  
Two additional rows, "Kingdoms," are added to each side of a standard
chessboard to accommodate the starting positions of the four Kingdoms.  
These Kingdoms may be used by all players to maneuver, capture and
checkmate in each Option of play.  Each Kingdom is flanked to its left
and right by "Towers," which exclude play across diagonally adjacent
playing positions at each indented corner.  Six rows in front of each
Kingdom is a line of Pawn Promotion which is marked by corresponding
colored lines with flags at each end.  Once a Pawn has moved to the
designated line of Pawn Promotion, not over, it is promoted to another
piece.  The entire board is used for battle.
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Standard rules of Chess apply.  Starting clockwise, the White Kingdom
moves first, Maroon Kingdom second, Black Kingdom third and Emerald
Kingdom fourth.  The Kingdoms may be used to maneuver, capture, or
checkmate within all Options of play.  The indented corners, Towers, may
not be used for diagonal travel or capture.  The exception of the rule is
the Knight who can maneuver around the Towers.  The Towers may be
used to protect pieces.  Once a player is checkmated, the player is not
finished until it is that person's turn.  A checkmated King, "Turns to Stone"
and remains in position on the board.  The remaining pieces of a
checkmated Kingdom may be captured or serve as obstacles or shields
for the active pieces.   Play continues until all the opponent's Kings are